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Are You New to Joomla?

So you are new to Joomla and have no idea what is this all about? In the next part I will explain everything you should know about the Joomla CMS. CMS stands for Content Management System, which allows you to create and publish content online with no or very minimal technical knowledge. There are many CMS software out there, Joomla is one of the most popular.

Joomla is open source, which means everyone has access to its source code, can modify it to its requirements and preference and is free to use. Joomla is a complex and powerful system, which enables the user to create a website with advanced features and functionalities with no need of writing code. Hundreds of thousands of website rely on the Joomla system, because it is flexible, reliable and secure.

What Type of Website Can You Build with Joomla?

Before we are going to see what type of websites you can create with Joomla is would also be great to know if Joomla is easy to use. What experience you need to build a Joomla website? How much time is required to learn Joomla?

Well to get you a quick answer, Joomla is very easy to use. It is fact, that the learning process might take some time, but it is not complicated at all. Joomla is straightforward, is very intuitive so with no experience at all you can start your website within one hour.

With Joomla you can create basically any type of website:

  • Website for your small business or company
  • Online shop to sell products and accept payments
  • Booking and hotel reservation website
  • Blog, news portal and community websites

The core Joomla might not be enough to set up all website types mentioned above, but with use of extensions you can turn Joomla into a feature rich system. With the basic Joomla installation you can create and publish articles, upload images and videos to your website. You can also create contact forms, customize page layout by publishing modules and create navigation menus.

To have more features, you will need to install extensions. There are three types of Joomla extensions: plugins, modules and components. You can also change the design of your Joomla website without losing your previous content. Find a Joomla template you like and install it to your Joomla website. Set to default template and you have a complete new design with just few clicks.

Most Joomla templates come with very good documentation and lots of features and parameters. The template parameters enable you to customize it as you wish: change colors, font styles, layouts, setup logo, etc. With some minimal knowledge of CSS and HTML you can customize any template.

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